Processing of personal data informative document


Our Company, Arcon Kozmetik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi, demands a number of your personal data (name, surname, TRIN, age, date of birth, your city, address, gender, password of your account, e-mail address, invoice address, credit card or debit card, cell phone number, specific health data if you notify us of any undesirable side-effects concerning any of our products;) in order to perform its obligations under the legislation including but not limited to Turkish Penal Code no. 5237 and the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698, and to make collections, to issue invoices and to organize delivery processes,. Your personal data aforementioned is processed and protected in an environment which is not open to the public, in accordance with your explicit consent and the purposes stated in this informative document.


Personal data can be processed in order for planning and execution of commercial activities, informing the authorized institutions and organizations from the legislation, to obtain technological services in matters not included in our field, to deliver the orders, to make collections, to issue invoices, to solve customer complaints, to trace and manage any alerts you may send us as part of our cosmetic vigilance obligations, to determinate your personal preferences in relation to the products in our website, to secure online transactions, to prevent fraud payment incidents and to manage debt collection, to manage your participation in any events to which you have signed up, to send commercial electronic messages if you explicitly permit, to perform company and partnership law transactions, and in accordance with the relevant legislation, planning and execution of the necessary audit activities, planning of corporate sustainability activities execution, conducting activities to protect the reputation of our company, management of demand and complaint processes, planning and execution of corporate governance and communication activities, by our Company.

Your personal data wholly or partially, whether automatic or non-automated can be processed through collection, saving, protection, amendment, storing, readjustment etc. Your personal data collected are not shard with third parties, used for any commercial purposes or sold with any non-operating reason.


Your personal data is shared in accordance with the law and good faith, accurate and, where necessary, up to date, specific, clear and legitimate purposes, linked to the purpose for which it is processed, limited and measured, in accordance with the principles of retention for the time required by the applicable legislation or for the purpose for which it was processed. Your personal data might be transferred to Ministry of Commerce, domestic/international/foreign/ international, public/private institutions and organizations, companies, consultants, or solution partners of our company and consultants or solution partners and other group companies, other authorized institutions and organizations, suppliers or subcontractors, the other person or organizations allowed by Turkish Commercial Code and other relevant legislation, may be shared with legal authorities, public and/or private law legal persons and other persons or organizations that are authorized or required by the provisions of other legislation, upon official request.

Your personal data can be transferred to third parties without your explicit consent pursuant to Articles 5 and 8 of Law on Protection of Personal Data.


Your personal data is collected in all verbal, written or electronically through our stores or website.


Pursuant to Article 7 of the KVKK, although personal data are processed in accordance with the relevant legislation, personal data are deleted, destroyed or made anonymized by the Company upon the request of the person or automatically in case the reasons requiring processing are eliminated.

The procedures and principles regarding this matter shall be fulfilled in accordance with the KVKK and the Regulation on the Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization of Personal Data published in the Official Gazette dated 28 October 2017 and numbered 30224.

Personal data is deleted, destroyed or made anonymous within 3 (three) months of the date when our obligation to delete, destroy or anonymize personal data arises.

When you contact our Company and request that your personal data to be deleted or destroyed;

  • all conditions for processing personal data have been removed; Your personal data subject to the request will be deleted, destroyed or made anonymous. Your request will be finalized within thirty (30) days at the latest and you will be notified.
  • notifies the third parties if all the data processing conditions have been removed and the personal data subject to the request has been transferred to third parties; It is ensured that necessary transactions are carried out within the scope of the Regulation.
  • If the conditions for processing personal data have not been completely removed, your request may be rejected and explained in accordance with the third paragraph of Article 13 of the KVKK and you will be notified in writing or electronically within thirty days (30) at the latest.


As a data subject, you have right to;

  • Obtain as to whether or not personal data concerning you are being processed;
  • Request information as to processing if personal data have been processed;
  • Know the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether data are used in accordance with their purpose;
  • Know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred;
  • Request rectification in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately;
  • Request the deletion, destruction or anonymization of personal data
  • in the event of deletion, destruction or anonymization of personal data; request notification to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred
  • Object to occurrence of any result that is to her/his detriment by means of analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems
  • Request compensation for the damages in case the person incurs damages due to unlawful processing of personal data

You can exercise these rights via contact information (e-mail, call center etc.) in website. 

E-mail address:

Phone: +90 212 290 28 59

Adress: Ahi Evran Cad. 42. Maslak No.6 A Kule K.10 D. 3 Maslak/Sarıyer/İstanbul

Non-personal data is the data of that you cannot be recognized. These data can be processed for all kind of purposes and shared with third parties without your consent.



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